Corporate Law

Formation and operation of a company are surely the outstanding features of commercial dealings. The tasks are manifold, demanding and require great expertise in all fields. Here it is reassuring if one can delegate some of those tasks to a law firm that specialises in assisting and counselling smaller and medium size enterprises.
Gottschick and Partner accompany companies in their development from the establishment of a new company to transfer and possible liquidation. In addition we assist you in capital procurement, industrial promotion, restructuring and contract management.

Our practice orientated advice concentrates upon your situation and your demands, but also takes into consideration the demands of the opposite side. We look for a realistic appraisal of the situation. This is our strategy for finding out-of-court solutions or achieving success in court proceedings.

During our consultation we value the advantage of intensive indoor-consultation. For you it saves time and we get to know relevant facts and the day to day running. This sharpens our judgement of the immediate situation.
We are looking forward to your visit to our office and will be delighted to put our representative and spacious rooms at your disposal for out-of-court negotiations. It goes without saying that we use all modern communication systems.

One of our special services is that we are concerned with successful collection for companies and public authorities.


Contact:  link RA Dr. Martin Grosse