Criminal law & Compliance

When things get serious.

The chance of being charged with a criminal offence in your professional or private life is obviously low. If, however, this happens to us, whether as victim or offender, one should at least be able to fall back immediately on to a dedicated legal representative.

Our partner and specialist in criminal law, Heiko Waskow, will be at your side in any accusations of white-collar crime as much as in your private life and if you should you need support when dealing with the police, the state prosecution or the public order office. For your defence in a criminal case we rely as much on substantiated legal know-how as on a well-prepared trial strategy based on experience. This does not start at the main trial. Our main task as your defence counsel begins normally at the preliminary investigation. Together with you we fathom all the possibilities of a stay of proceedings beginning from a penal order up to a deal with the court or the state prosecution. Our specialists use their know-how and experience to persuade courts and prosecutors with good arguments and negotiating skill for the benefit of the client.

It looks slightly different when you as an entrepreneur are in potential danger.

Competition gets harder every day and what would be the consequences if your company secrets were spied upon or one of your employees embezzles company money? You should seriously consider prevention and talk to us about the appropriate steps.

In the area of defence and prosecution of white-collar crime we work closely together with our colleague, Elke Schaefer, who is a renowned specialist in this field and with the Business Integrity Management GmbH. This enables us as a team to work out preventive measures suited to your company and to ensure their implementation.


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