Family Law & Inheritance Law

Family and Enterprise – Chance or Curse?
Precise preparation is everything. We recommend that our clients never forget private considerations as well as the economic advantages of legal assistance. Human nature being what it is, nobody can predict the future of relationships. We may hate the idea, but guarding against future breakdowns is simply good sense.

Divorce or inheritance can have extreme consequences, especially for medium sized and small companies. The law alone does not protect entrepreneurs and freelance workers from the unexpected consequences of a break-up in respect of inheritance, tax and social status. Our partner who is a specialist in family law, Gerhard Putterer, always recommends giving those problems serious thought early and not await the time of conflict. Marriage Contracts or Last Wills downloaded from the internet can never take the place of an individually prepared contract which covers the interests of all parties concerned.

Disputes in family law are often dealt with while suffering extreme stress. In the case of conflict, mediation is often a much better way to lead to a result than a court case. We design solutions acceptable to both sides.

Mediation not only saves money and time in the sensitive minefield of family dispute but also reduces the risks of smouldering conflicts. Should the peaceful way be of no avail we enforce your rights to alimony, custody, visitation rights and equalisation of accrued gains at court.

Law of Succession and settlement of succession
Although the consequences of unfortunate provisions in inheritance matters are more widely understood these days, many entrepreneurs and wealthy private people dispense with optimal counsel in order to secure their lifetime achievements.

Not all notaries inform their client sufficiently about the fiscal consequences when notarising a Last Will. Adverse consequences can best be avoided using certain restrictions, for instance, to avoid double inheritance tax which may be the result of the “Berliner Testament”. Hand-written Last Wills rarely cover all implications and are often not legally precise enough. If one thinks one can save the consultation fee in this respect one is risking inheritance disputes later on.

Avoiding the question “What happens if I suddenly die?” can lead to the worst scenario in the total loss of all assets. Not all investments strategies are so transparent that the heirs can follow them up.

Our clients are aware that it is a good feeling to have settled the last things and to have prepared the succession in the company in good time. In order to achieve that we design in close co-operation legally and tax effective concepts and give support in their implementation. [Contracts of inheritance, co-ordination of interest between heirs, defending against claims to a compulsory portion.]


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