International connections are indispensable in modern economic life. We have excellent contacts, especially in Canada and in Spanish speaking areas. In Canada we work together with the lawyer’s office of Alexander Sennecke and in Spain with the office of Soler-Padro, v. Hohenlohe, Hopewell. More and more we focus on China and the states originally part of the USSR. It goes without saying that the lawyer in which you have placed your trust will be your personal contact even when dealing with international conflicts of interest.

In order to guarantee the best possible representation of our clients we rely on teamwork in other fields too.


In tax matters, we can rely on the expertise and know-how of tax consultants Alice Zoska-Schrolla and Wolfgang Schroller.


In the area of white-collar crime we work closely with the office of our renowned lady colleague, Elke Schaefer.


We co-operate closely with the notary Thomas Herwig, a very experienced lawyer and notary, particularly in the field of real estate contracts.


In selected cases for debt collection, we are in good cooperation with Zyklop Inkasso Deutschland GmbH.


In matters of property valuation and marketing we work well together with Geos Liegenschaftsgesellschaft mbH.